Republic of Sofrito // Summer Session // London Hackney Wick, Friday 19th June

Friday 19th June
Republic of Sofrito London Summer Session!
Sofrito & Friends
117 Wallis Road, E9 5LN more info and tickets

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Founder member of seminal Afro Disco group M’Bamina, JM Bolangassa comes through with 3 tracks of raw and unadulterated percussion, pairing virtuoso playing with complex drum machine arrangements and sparse synths that sit on the fault line between traditional Congolese rhythms and modern electronic music.


Sheba Sound/Ethiopian Soul Cassette Mix Direct out of Addis

Sheba Sound, direct out of Ethiopia, delivers an exclusive hour-long Ethio-funk mix of cassette releases from the 70s and 80s.
None of the songs on this mix to our knowledge were ever pressed up on a record, or re-issued on CD. They are all original sounds dug up from old cassette shops from around Ethiopia.
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Hugo Mendez // Mini Weather Festival // Paris Saturday 30th May

Pour faire danser les enfants – Roller disco style – More info here. (more…)