Cadence-Lypso with the Midnight Groovers Rhythms from the Nature Isle

Hailing from the village of Grand Bay, the Midnight Groovers – led by local legend Chubby – are one of the most influential and longest running bands to come out of the small but musically fertile island of Dominica.

Responsible for numerous classic Cadence-Lypso tracks as well some deep deep roots, the band have represented the unique musical culture of their island for more than 30 years. For the “International Soundclash” album we chose the heavy “O ti Yo”, taken from the debut album on 3a. This late ‘70s track is a masterclass in cadence-lypso, mixing an angular cadence rhythm and rolling bassline with ominous synths and a minor key vocal…There is a limited free download of the track below. Lévé!

download here


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