Manana // Cuba 2016 Santiago de Cuba May 2016

We are proud to be apart of the team behind the Manana Festival project in Santiago de Cuba, May 2016. MANANA is a non-profit festival connecting Afro-Cuban Folkloric music with the pioneers of the International Electronic music community. The project is funded through kickstarter – more information can be found here

By creating an environment of free expression and cultural exchange, our hope is that MANANA 2016 will live on in the new music, conversations and collaborations that started here.

We believe that an international electronic music audience will find inspiration in Afro-Cuban folkloric music, and that Cuba’s powerful blend of rhythm, flow and feeling will enrich the development of electronic music and its community. In return, MANANA 2016 will be an opportunity for Cubans to share their incredible cultural heritage, collaborate, and use technology to take their musical development in new directions.

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