Calypsos vs Cumbias Frankie Francis

The wizard returns!


Frankie Francis leaves his top-secret work in the mastering studio to lay down a selection of jazzy calypso and cumbia – pitching Trinidad against Colombia in a fight for Tropical domination!  Sweet sounds from the ’50s to the ’70s, celebrating vintage dancefloor sounds from another generation – Check the tracklisting below and decide who wins for yourself!


Download here

1. Lord Brynner – South African Riot
2. Alex Acosta – Cumbia del Monte
3. Catalino Y Su Combo – El Carretero
4. Los Destellos – El Marcianito
5. Lord Melody & Cyril Diaz – Not Tonight
6. Derrick Harriot – John Tom
7. Pacheco – La Carpinteria
8. Waganda Kenya – La Bomba
9. Roy Thompson – Italian Calypso
10. Rafael Mejina- Cumbia Sobre el Mar
11. Safari Colombiano – Lamenta Cumbiambero
12. Duke of Iron – Loving Woman is waste of time
13. Me Ting is Mine – Fitz Vaughan Bryan
14. José y Anibal Valasquez – El Sobreron
15. A Cartagena La Heroica – Vaiven y Palmeras
16. Changa Negra – Jaime Venicia
17 Les Fyjap’s – Nice Time

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