Salsa Africana! Hugo Mendez

A short and sweet selection of deep Latin sounds from West Africa – Cuban covers and original tracks from Senegal, Mali, Congo and Burkina Faso. Cuban music has always been popular in Africa, and the re-interpretation of standard songs and melodies give them something a little bit extra…please excuse the crackles, the records were well-loved before they turned up at Sofrito towers!

Check out some beautiful Afro-Cuban sounds below…

Download here…

Laba Sosseh et Super Star – El Dengue
Nemlin Fax Clarck – Mama ya Sima
Orchestre Vedette Jazz – Merengue San Antonio
Kalle et l’African Jazz – Mama Seba
Les Dogons con Cisse Macki – En Guantanamo
Orchestre du Baobab – El Carretero
Dexter Johnson et Laba Sosseh – Yolanda Dime
Amara Toure et son ensemble Black and White – Cuando Llegare
Star Number One – Macakki

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