O Som de Cabo Verde Mix Alma Negra

To whet your appetites for the imminent release of the Cape Verde 12″, the Alma Negra crew drop a 100% Cape Verdean mix – celebrating the often ignored sounds that sit at the crossroads between the rhythms of the Caribbean and Africa. The mix focuses on the rough, uptempo sounds of Coladeira and Funana from the late 70s and 80s – enjoy!

The Alma Negra collective are based in Basel, Switzerland and are made up of Mario Robles (Miajica), Dario Rosa (Rohrbach aka Chi Coraçao) & Dersu Figueria. You can keep up to date with events and releases here

The Republic of Cape Verde is made up of a chain of 10 islands off the coast of West Africa. Uninhabited before their discovery and colonisation by the Portuguese in the 15th century, the islands were used as a staging post for the transatlantic slave trade and gained their independence in 1975. There are large Cape Verdean communities in Lisbon and Paris, although the largest expat communities are in Boston and Rotterdam – one of the centres of Cape Verdean musical production.

Although perhaps best known for the traditional Morna music typified by Cesa Evora and the Caribbean-influenced sound of Cabo-Zouk, the local Funana and Coladeira styles still thrive on the islands. This mix showcases the newly electrified and disco-fied experiments of the late 70s and 80s – synths, heavy kick-drums and swinging basslines that give more than a nod to Caribbean Cadence and point the way to a sound that spread to West Africa and the dancefloors of Paris and Lisbon…



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