Riddim Click: ’90s Dancehall Dubs Fade 2 and Yonatan

Specialist in all things JA-related, DJ and producer Fade 2 teams up with Addis Ababa-based selector Yonatan to pay tribute to the other side of dancehall – a selection of minimal and tough dubs and versions from the late ’80s to the mid 2000s. No laptop speakers for this one please!

Fade 2 explains the mix:
Dancehall is always reinventing itself but there’s something about the 90s era that continues to fascinate me. In the early 90s dancehall producers were suddenly doing something different – these riddims were coming out which were so raw, minimal, uncompromisingly electronic, but had so much swing, so much bump, they just shattered the mould that Sleng Teng had established and beamed down something from another dimension. Yonatan and I wanted to showcase these riddims, just the B-sides with their insistent pulse of drum and bass, scattered and shuffling percussion, twisted synth lines and shards of vocals. The earliest piece on here is probably 1990 and the latest mid-2000s. Most of them are just called Version …”


Fade 2 lives in London, produces dub and writes about music on the Musik Line blog. His new album “Interzone Dubs” is out now on Black Redemption.
Yonatan lives in Addis Ababa and runs Crucial, the Ethiopian capital’s hottest electronic music parties. They have spent many years DJing together as part of the i-ality hi fi sound system.

Download here

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