Erick Cosaque & Voltage 8 // Kaloukera Percussions EP Available Now!

A Side: Flan’m Cho / Banbou La
B Side: Kowidow Man’m Boé / Bazouka

“Percussion and drum machine workouts from late 80s and early 90s Guadeloupe”
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Dancefloor-certified tracks from pivotal Guadeloupean figure Erick Cosaque and his group Voltage 8, blending Gwo Ka rhythms and electronics and recorded between 1988 and 1994. Fully remastered, this is the first outing on vinyl for Flam’n Cho and Bazouka.

Erick Cosaque‘s musical career spans 5 decades, numerous albums and a host of vital productions on his own Pawo’ka label.
Staunchly defending the music, language and culture of Guadeloupe and pushing the sound and rhythms of Gwo Ka around the world, he has released over 20 albums and produced many other artists, experimenting with jazz, boogie, reggae and zouk along the way.

At the tail end of the 80s the sound of the 808, 909 and a host of other drum machines, synths and sequencers informed sounds and productions worldwide. from the pulsing house sound of Chicago and jagged Detroit rhythms to the dancehalls of Kingston and the shebeens of Kinshasa, every place and every scene reacted to the technology in a different way.
The French Caribbean was no exception. Long the bedrock of the classic Zouk sound and the innumerable hits of Kassav, the use of drum machines gradually spread into different musical areas.
These tracks celebrate the work of seminal Guadeloupean singer and percussionist Erick Cosaque and the sound of Gwo Ka – the traditional folkloric music of Guadeloupe – meeting the drum machine technology that was sweeping the studios of the world.
These dancefloor-certified tracks are taken from a selection of self-produced 12″s, LPs and CDs released between 1988 and 1993, for Flan’m cho and Bazouka this is their first ever outing on vinyl.



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