Island Series: Madagascar 7″ Available now!

Crucial, deep Salegy sounds and psychedelic experiments from 70s & 80s Madagascar.
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Vetson’ Androy were one of the most popular groups in Madagascar in the 70s. Mavandeza (Recorded in a rudimentary studio and originally released in 1978) represents a departure from their normal repertoire and combines psychedelic organ and a loping bassline, bringing a touch of Fela-style afrobeat to the table.

Eusebe Jaojaby – the king of Salegy – is one of the biggest stars of Malagasy music. Taratasy Maitso was originally released in 1987 and adds a lilting flute to the insistent 6/8 rhythm – a dancefloor sure shot.

The Island Series: Madagascar 7″ is produced in collaboration with La Basse Tropicale (aka Natty ho & Konsole), also responsible for the excellent Soul Sok Sega compilation on Strut Records.

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